The Beginning


Welcome to my world!

It was initially in Singapore where I discovered the magic of meditation which I will explain the relevance in more detail very soon. From there my path led me to  meet wonderful jewelry teachers  who shared their years of wisdom in their teachings. I learned the art of jewelry making about six years ago when I joined two of my friends, who signed up for one semester of learning the basics of silver and gold smithing at a college here in California.  

What started as a hobby became a passion and six years later I can truly say it was my calling. One semester became four years and on completion of my training,  I now work with a gifted jeweler who I can call my mentor and also a dear friend. Jewelry making is a form of meditation for me. I switch my brain off and quieten the chatter. By designing and playing with the stones and metals I'm able to dive into another world.

I now live between the USA and Bali where I design, create and promote my collection.

The Beginning

This journey started during one of the first meditation classes I ever attended whilst living in Singapore over 20 years ago with my husband.  During the meditation I saw clear vivid colors which took shapes and formed into beautiful gemstones. Maybe what I saw so long go in that particular moment  was the power of my subconscious leading me to my present day, as this vision stayed with me for many years.  I found my passion working with jewelry, learning how to form and manipulate a piece of metal into a piece of art and enhance it with a beautiful gemstone.

My jewelry is substantial,  I want you to feel empowered by it and feel it's strength, see its beauty in all it's boldness. Each unique piece is solid sterling silver and 18K gold. I refrain from hollowing out to save materials, so the first thing you will notice when you own a piece of my jewelry is it's heavy weight, it's solidity!

I create for the woman who isn't afraid to live life in this mindset. 

For me to create Jewelry is to create beauty
Tina Metelmann